About Us

Welcome to Bojix Design - the premiere in automotive performance! We’re a family owned and operated business consisting of passionate car guys who have the know-how, the desire, and the inventory to professionally take your car from stock to superior! With top-of-the-line products and unparalleled customer service, not to mention over 25 years in the automotive industry, we guarantee your satisfaction.

Bojix Design has an unrivaled commitment to excellence. On the cutting edge of automotive design, we never cut corners –which is why Bojix parts are available through select Ford dealerships.

Bojix Design is also your go-to foraerodynamic components, suspension parts, Bojix Stage 1 packages, and all other performance needs.

We live and breathe this business. If we were any more in tune with automotive performance, we’d have synthetic oil running through our veins. So drive up and enter the world of Bojix Design, and let the passionate pros give your car the precise attention it deserves!

For more information, price quotes, or for any additional questions, please email us at info@bojix.com

Bojix Design
where passion meets precision.